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Profile's of African American artists and Black Theatre both here and abroad.

Juneteenth Events

Free tickets to all Juneteenth programming are available now! 


Joy is and has always been an effective tool that has allowed individuals and groups to shift the impact of negative narratives and events in their favor.
For some time now, Project1VOICE has wanted to create a one-day event that connects us collectively, in a fun, natural and empowering way.  Additionally, we wanted this event to somehow celebrate the six-decade legacy of the people, places, and things, that enabled and allowed happiness, comfort, and joy in 1963, despite the tribulations.  This is one of the reason why 1963, was dubbed, “the year that everything happened.”  It was a time of tremendous highs and lows, much like today.  This is why joy is vital now more than ever. 
With all this in mind,  ‘63/60–a JOYFUL celebration was born.

National Crown Day

On July 3, 2019, California became the first state to pass a law banning natural hair discrimination.  Since then, similar laws have been passed in 15 states and one U.S. Territory.  To commemorate July 3, has been declared National Crown Day, to celebrate the day, Crown Act legislation was signed into law. 
Join Project1VOICE and our partners, as we come together for #claimyourcrownSunday for seven consecutive Sundays beginning Sunday May 29–Memorial Day weekend—until Sunday July 3—National Crown Day.  
We invite the community-at-large to share photos of their “crowns” to their preferred social media platform using #claimyourcrownSunday, #thecrownact and #project1voice.  Connect with barber shops, hair salons, hat maker s, places of worship and other businesses and organizations that amply and give agency to our collective empowerment. 
Here is your complete guide to #claimyourcrownSunday:
5/29 Memorial Day Sunday honoring those who have died in American wars.  Wear a crown in remembrance of the fallen or post a photo of them in their military uniform. 
6/5 #claimyourcrownSunday wear the crown of your choice in support of Crown Act legislation 
6/12 Tony Award/Loving Day wear your crown in support of the Black nominees and winners at this year’s Tony Award ceremony and in remembrance of a key civil case heard by the SCOTUS—Loving vs Virginia—that would forever change the way Americans love and marry. 
6/19 Juneteenth/Father’s Day wear your crown in remembrance of Juneteenth and in celebration of Black fathers and sons.  
6/23 #wearyourcrownSunday  wear the crown of your choice in support of Crown Act legislation 
7/3 National Crown Day wear your crown on our journey toward Black liberation and in celebration of Black joy, dreams, experiences, queerness, resistance and more. 
We encourage and invite our cohorts, allies, friends, colleagues and more to share photos of Black people in their crowns to their preferred social media platforms, in solidarity, for this 7 week campaign, as we collectively come together to claim our crowns. 
For more information about the Crown Act visit

February 20, 2022 is award-winning actor, director and diplomat Sidney Poitier’s birthday. He would have been 95 years-old. Tributes have cascaded for the Bahamian-American who died on January 6th.   Inevitably, the tributes all led off with his 1964 Academy Award for Best Actor.  That Oscar win, the first in the category awarded to a Black actor and a Bahamian, cemented Poitier at the age of 24 as the Jackie Robinson of Hollywood.

To commemorate and honor the birth and the rich, enduring legacy of this unparalleled actor and Civil Rights icon, the five Black theater service organizations—Black Theatre Network (BTN), Black Theatre United (BTU), The CRAFT Institute, The International Black Theatre Summit and Project1VOICE (P1V), along with WalkTall Girl Productions—are uniting on February 20, 2022 for another day of remembrance and solidarity—Sidney Poitier Day.


A Message From Project1VOICE’s Founder

In his 2008 victory speech, President Obama remarked that “change has come to America.” I was among the 240,000 people who witnessed this speech in Chicago’s Grant Park. Like many, I was hopeful at his words, but was discouraged about America’s devastating economic downturn, the Great Recession. Among the institutions heavily impacted by this crisis were Black theaters. After multiple conversations about the state and future of Black theater, I was inspired to combine my two loves of theater and community activism.  “Yes we can” from Obama’s speech became my source of sustenance and led me to establish and lead a grassroots movement.


Project1VOICE. Its mission was to cultivate and support artistic excellence, innovation, and creativity among African American theater organizations as well as preserving their legacies and those of African American playwrights.

About Us

Project1VOICE, Inc. (P1V) is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit performing arts service organization based in New York City.  Its mission is to support and promote the American theater specifically the narrative of and by people of African descent.


P1V was formed during the economic downturn in 2009 to create awareness and support for the many community-building African American theaters whose doors were closing with no hope of re-opening. P1V’s core activity is the coordination of an international, same-day staged reading series that revives and re-introduces forgotten seminal works by playwrights from the African Diaspora, a critical thread in the tapestry of the American theater. This annual event is called Project1VOICE One Play One Day and takes place on the third Monday in June, each year.

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