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Established in 1964 the Black Repertory Group Theater (BRG) exists as the forebearing theatrical griot group of its kind in the nation. The BRG has a history of providing access to the dramatic arts for under-privileged, under-served, and minority populations through its ability to draw crowds from local churches, schools, civic organizations, and the community at large.

Our #1 goal continues to be “Keepers Of The Culture”, by promoting and preserving our theatrical arts. By utilizing our theater stage and its related functions, we provide a platform to build self-esteem and pride within our participants, audience and community.

We invite you to celebrate what we have accomplished; a variety of Productions, Programs and Services that provide people of all race, creed, colors and orientations with a chance to learn and rediscover our diaspora’s cultural heritage.

The BRG is used to train people in a variety of artistic and practical skills. These include drama, music, dance, art training, classes in carpentry, costume & set design, media and film workshops.