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Welcome to the Center for African American Military History also known as the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum. In the past year, we have worked to improve our online presence and ensure a user-friendly experience. We hope that you find a great guide to expanding your knowledge of the rich history we provide. Be sure to check out our exceptional programming, exhibitions, venue spaces and gift shop. And come by to visit us!

2020 was a mix of chaos, turmoil, and loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in racial injustices and attack on Black lives. Internally, we have been affected in many ways: at the top of 2020, we launched a $5 Million campaign, “Heal the Armory”, that was paused; July 28, we were victims of hate with the defacing of our building; and lost much of our earned income due to closure. Despite the pitfalls of the year, we managed to increase our programming and outreach which in turn has expanded our audience and set us on The Path Forward.