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COMMON GROUND THEATRE WAS FOUNDED IN 1963 BY MR. RUFUS DEWITT AND DR. ROBERT MATTHEWS.  In 1963, the late Rufus DeWitt and his friend, Dr. Robert Matthews, founded the Southeast Community Theatre (SECT), with the assistance of several other committed and civic-minded individuals, including charter members Peggy Anzer, Gloria Knight, Milton Knight, James and Bernice Reed, John Johnson, Dr. Jack Kimbrough, Laura Smith, and Luther Goodwin.  The Theatre began to produce plays and was chartered as a non-profit arts and cultural organization in 1964.  It filled the need to develop the artistic talents of young African Americans and soon became San Diego’s premier African American theatre, with many productions directed by Ms. Gloria Knight.

COMMON GROUND THEATRE MISSION:  Common Ground Theatre’s mission is “to produce classics and new works by and about people of African descent that entertain, educate, and connect with audiences of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.”  Our aim is to produce high quality theatrical productions that provide a “common ground” for people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to participate, interact, connect and share their love of theatre.  CGT envisions a culturally diverse, socially relevant, and politically aware theatre organization that combines the expertise of amateur and professional artists and that improves community relations among diverse cultures and underrepresented groups. We pride ourselves in involving diverse casts and crew members for all of our productions.