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Mission Statement:
Miles College is a senior, private, liberal arts Historically Black College with roots in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church that motivates and prepares students, through committed faculty, to seek knowledge that leads to intellectual and civic empowerment. The Miles College education engages students in rigorous study, scholarly inquiry, and spiritual awareness enabling graduates to become life-long learners and responsible citizens who help shape the global society.

Vision Statement:
Miles College is an institution of academic excellence whose students, graduates, and faculty contribute to the intellectual and professional vitality of the broader community, exhibit technological sophistication, and value the renderings of art in all its forms. The College serves increasingly diverse students and gains recognition for global partnerships that assure cultural awareness.  Student and faculty involvement in international studies and global intelligence will preface the College emerging as a magnet for regional discourse in public policy and global awareness.  Academic course offerings will include masters level courses delivered through a variety of pedagogic delivery mechanisms that appeal to a wide range of student needs. The course offerings are a catalyst for continued growth in the number of students served. Miles College functions as the archetype for colleges and universities throughout the United States and global community to engage in the study, discourse, and application of solutions for human problems throughout the world. Students, who engage in the Miles College experience, demonstrate a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and service to others through regular gifts to the dynamic academy that Miles College has become.

The Division of Humanities offers a major in English, a major in Theatre and two in Music (B.A. in Music, B.M.E.). The English major is a program which affords the options of earning a liberal arts degree in English or a Bachelor of Science degree in Language Arts Education, with the State of Alabama Class B Secondary Teaching Certificate. A student is eligible for the Bachelor’s degree in any of the two areas upon satisfactory completion of a prescribed General Education Program of the College and the specific requirements of the Humanities Division. In addition to the three major programs, the Division offers an English minor, Music minor, Religion/Philosophy minor, African-American Literature/Studies minors, and Drama/Theater minor.

Division Mission: Through multiplicative offerings of art, dance, drama, English, foreign languages, humanities, music, religion, and speech, the Humanities Division Mission is to graduate students with and to sensitize students to the vast array of cultural arts and to the variety of religious creeds –Christian ethics in particular –and to enable all students to matriculate through the College with standard English proficiency and strong critical thinking, speaking, reading, listening, and writing.