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Founded in 1910, North Carolina Central University was the first publicly supported liberal arts college for African-Americans. Today, the university has a diverse population of more than 8,300 students enrolled in first-class academic programs.
While we’re proud of our past, we measure our success today by our students’ achievements. We have unique programs in place to mentor every student, and we provide the resources to enable academic and career success.
With both a biomanufacturing and a biomedical research institute, NCCU is emerging as a leader in the study of health disparities. We offer hands-on laboratory experience in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies based in Research Triangle Park and elsewhere across the state. This ensures that our students are job ready from Day One, post graduation.
NCCU also teaches that with success comes responsibility. We were the first in the state system to require all students to volunteer in the community as part of their education. Our programs in community service emphasize that personal success in life includes giving something back.