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About Nu Black Arts West Theatre

The original Black Arts West Theatre was founded in 1969-1972. When Model cities purchased the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center building in 1972, it was with the intention of housing the theatre company. However, the transaction for purchase became too time consuming, and the then thriving black community theatre moved into what ultimately became its landmark location on 34th & Union. Ms. Monié, a native of Seattle, was a staff member, actress and instructor for Black Arts West Theatre for six (6) years.

“BAW was the pride of our community and was something that we could embrace. It was a time for African-Americans to unite.”
-Kibibi Monié

Black Arts West Theatre hasn’t vanished. It has begun to flourish again as NU BLACK ARTS WEST THEATRE, under the direction of Kibibi Monié.

Nu Black Arts West Theatre opened their first full season with “Who Am I?”, followed by “The Tribute.” A special fundraising event featuring Ruby Dee helped raise community awareness and support for future endeavors. Our efforts have been enhanced both locally and nationally by the continued support and encouragement of August Wilson for Black Theatre. The Congress of the United States, House of Representatives recognizes Nu Black Arts West Theatre’s collaborative efforts to strengthen and promote business and educational opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Continue to look for more to come from Nu Black Arts West Theatre.

Nu Black Arts West Theatre has achieved the following: Provided school supplies to Primary Schools in Ghana, assisted in fundraising efforts for our study Abroad Program, established a pin pal program, connecting students from Africa and the United States, conducted tours to Africa and Europe for three years, cultural heritage seminars, and workshops at the National Theatre of Ghana.