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Pyramid Theatre Company

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The Founding of Pyramid Theatre Company

In the summer of 2014 the Des Moines Social Club hired Ken-Matt Martin to produce and direct August Wilson’s FencesThe production found favor among critics and audiences alike. The following year the Social Club hired Martin to produce Charles Fuller’s A Soldier’s Play which also was a hit with audiences. After the success of both productions it became clear that it was time to establish a theatre company committed to bringing those same kind of works to the Des Moines community. On August 24, 2015 Pyramid Theatre Company (PTC) was formed under the leadership of Martin and Artistic Director, Jiréh Breon Holder. Our founding members include Tiffany Johnson, Freddie Fulton, Nana Coleman, Alexis Davis, and Claudine Cheatem. PTC will feature summer shows that set the tone for the entire year and complement the full seasons of fellow local companies.

Our Mission

The mission of Pyramid Theatre Company is to provide a gateway to the arts for the Des Moines community by illuminating the presence of Black artists in the theatre canon and
providing a means of artistic expression to emerging Black voices. The company commits itself to the tenet of Sankofa, a word in the Akan language of Ghana meaning “return to retrieve.” With this in mind, PTC will offer works firmly rooted in the lessons of the past in order to serve needs of the present.

Our Vision

We are committed to four core principles that build upon each other:

Artistic Excellence
Community Engagement
Artist Education
Black Community Collaboration

The ancient pyramids were often polished in order to reflect the light from the sun and moon. This reflection could be seen from miles away. Adherence to these principles will establish and sustain Pyramid Theatre Company as a well-polished company that attracts audiences from miles away.