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The Towne Street Theatre’s mission is to continue to be a theatre that creates, develops and produces original work that is reflective of the Black experience and perspective for theater and film. These experiences, whether historical, contemporary, or futuristic, define our cultural aesthetic. The artistic vision of the theatre is broad in nature, but microscopic by design.

Our mission is to provide a home for a diverse group of artists, primarily African American, to be free in their efforts to create and explore theatre without the constraints that are sometimes placed on them due to being against the backdrop of Hollywood.  TST is committed to remaining a place where social justice conditions are continually explored, dismantled, and acknowledged because we strongly believe in the healing power of art. We also produce a “Black Classics” series that revives the work of seldom produced published playwrights such as Charlie Russell, Loften Mitchell, Alice Childress, P.J. Gibson, Steve Carter, Georgia Douglas Johnson and others. This is to salute and acknowledge those who have come before us and their place in the history of the American theater. These productions also educate audience members, as well as younger cast members, who may not be as familiar with these playwrights and their work.  We remain committed to being an oasis for artists and audiences looking for work that represents them and their experiences, as well as those seeking something new and different.